Construction Waste

It is easy to illegally dump mixed construction waste. But when “separation at source” happens on site, the options for re-use are endless and illegal dumping is easily not an option. Why not partner with us to curb the scourge of illegal dumping.

General Waste & Mixed Waste

Salvaging waste from one bin to the next, always dragging behind a tonnage of waste for commercial profit is a daunting demotivating affair. It is for this reason we distribute all recyclable junk waste and general waste (at no cost) to our local informal recyclers. It’s not just a partnership with a purpose, we care about the environment and those who work to protect.

Garden Refuse

Nothing is therapeutic like gardening. Added to that, nothing can be fulfilling like knowing that your green waste will be re-used for composting by local farmers. Ours is a partnership with a purpose.