What we do

 Anyone can collect the waste and that is the problem. The process of waste management should not end with waste collection. Waste management means waste separation,  reduction and recycling and that is exactly what we do at Boombadotmobi. We connect waste generators with waste collectors to facilitate the process of responsible waste disposal and seal the process by sending pictures of the waste at the final destination. 

Separation at Source

The concept of Separation at Source can be tedious and intimidating especially when one thinks of the smelly content stuffed in bins (you are probably losing your appetite right now, aren’t you!). When this happens, most waste ends up in landfills. Truth is, waste starts stinking when there is no separation at source.

For Boombadotmobi, Separation at Source means that every bit of waste can be distributed easily, avoiding dumping of waste at landfills. It is our responsibility to inform you about the final destination of your waste.

Do you know where your waste ends?

Waste Reduction

Just imagine a perfect world where we could buy exactly what is needed – a world without waste, a world without bins.

But unfortunately, in today’s world, we have bins crammed with unhealthy waste.

Our experts at Boombadotmobi assist you to reduce waste generation.

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