Know us better

We at Boombadotmobi provide sustainable disposal of personal and commercial waste for responsible and environmental-friendly consumers. Boombadotmobi is a trusted partner that connects waste-producer to waste-claimer, organizes customized pick-ups in the suburbs of Johannesburg and guarantees a responsible and clean disposal outlet within the township of Diepsloot. By providing pictures to its customers, we hold ourselves accountable to high moral standards and by careful selection of logistics partner and disposal location, we step up against illegal dumping to sustainably contribute towards a cleaner township environment.

Our Story

Ms. Sibiya still shudders at the thought of the day when she rushed a child to the hospital, who was hit by a car. The questions that kept circling her mind were ‘But why were the children playing on the streets of Diepsloot?’ and ‘Where are the public parks?’ The answer was so obvious, once Diepsloot playgrounds were now illegal dumping grounds, leaving children no choice but to play on streets. 

Mr. Shongwe was thrilled about the idea of building a house under ZAR 40K with ease of access to second-hand building material. This was no less than a game-changer for him. His curiosity about the sourcing of the second-hand building material led him to identify that the other part of the construction rubble was being illegally dumped in Diepsloot. 

The most important questions were ‘Where was the waste coming from?’ and ‘Were the waste-generators aware of the damage their waste was causing in Diepsloot and surrounding communities?’

These questions propelled Ms. Sibiya and Mr. Shongwe to start Boombadotmobi.

Our Mission

To create sustainable solutions for waste disposal to strive for cleaner Diepsloot.